Artemis, The Greek Goddess Of Many Names: Artemis

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Artemis: Goddess of Many Names Artemis is the child of Leto and Zeus. She had one brother named Apollo (Heroes 32). Artemis is the Greek virgin goddess of the hunt (mythweb Artemis). When Artemis was born she had to help her mother give birth to her twin brother Apollo (mythweb Artemis). Artemis was promised many gifts from Zeus because of her actions (Heroes 32). She asked to remain a maiden forever, and never marry. She wanted a bow and arrows just like her brother’s but in silver, and an embroidered deerskin tunic, fifty ocean nymphs to sing to her, and twenty wood nymphs to hunt with her. She also asked for a pack of hounds, fierce and swift ones. She wanted the mountains for her special places and one city. She also asked for many names in case she would get bored with one. Along with these gifts, Zeus gave Artemis the gift of eternal chastity, and also the gift that she could change her mind about it at any time. Zeus gave her one last gift the greatest of them all, which was she could choose her own gifts so that they would have special value to her.…show more content…
Although Artemis promised never to lose her maidenhood she did fall in love with two men; Endymion and Orion. She had another goddess put Endymion into an eternal sleep so she would not be attracted to him. Apollo did not want Artemis to lose her maidenhood so it is said that he set up a contest between himself and his sister. This contest would determine who was a better archer. He challenged her to prove her skill at archery by shooting an object floating far out at sea. She shot perfectly, but the target turned out to be the head of Orion. Artemis was said to have never trusted Apollo

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