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Artemis Sportswear Company Jessica Schubert, Charles Perry, Ryan Worstall Comm 215 8/02/2014 Ruth Palumbo Background of Sportswear The definition of sportswear is clothes worn for casual outdoor use or such sport activities as jogging, cycling, tennis, sailing, etc. Sportswear has been around since before the 1930's. Some of the earliest designers that were known for this were French, Gabrielle Channel and Haute Couture. Although there were only a few designers at this early time, what we now know to be sportswear came around in New York City about the same time World War II began. Clare Potter and Claire McCardell were among the very first American designers to receive any recognition from their “ready-to wear” designs. During this time the clothes worn were meant to accommodate the relaxed American dress code, not the official licensed team jerseys and rock climbing shoes we are used to seeing in everyday life now a days. It was not until the early 2000's that what we know as sportswear came to be. All of the uniforms and workout clothing that we are accustomed to came into existence at the beginning of the 21st century. Concerning revenue, during 2014 the industry brought in an incredible 62.64 billion dollars, compared to a 45.72 billion from 2002. According to, “more than one third of all sporting goods purchased in the U.S. are handled by major sporting goods store like Dicks Sporting Goods, Bass Pro Shops, and Cabelas." The website also states, “even though online sales have skyrocketed, still more than 105 million people go to sporting goods stores to do their shopping.” (, 2014) Introduction to Artemis Sports Group Artemis Sports Group, a sports marketing and consulting group from Boston, started out from its founder's

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