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Looking at Arte Povera in order to understand the movement we have to look previous movements, have to look what was before. At that time in the 60s Minimalism was the main stream in the art world, which was focusing on the perfectly made object. As Arte Povera said, that they don’t want to spend time on creating the perfect object, an other piece, as everything what exists is already perfect and right on its own. They started using everything, absolutely anything what was around them. [1]” Richard Long, speaking at the time of the show Zero to Infinity: Arte Povera, 1962-72 (held at the Tate Modern in 2001) recalled the Amalfi events of 1968 and the whole Arte Povera experience: “ I just thought I would go and check it out I had no idea what was going on. I got off the train and found myself in this strange environment, it was like falling into a world of a travelling troupe of circus people. You have to remember that the prevailing dogma was American art, and that art of the time was Minimalism. It was only years later that I began to realise that this was the beginning of Arte Povera. Britain was very isolated then- we had parochial figures of at St.Martin’s like Anthony Caro- and Arte Povera was completely unknown except to a handful of people. The spirit of Arte Povera was much more free and relaxing to make work in : more intuitive, more open-ended, more off the cuff, more lackadaisical, the polar opposite of Minimalism. To me it was a breath of fresh air.” The artist associated with the movement challenged traditional artistic practice, specifically the supremacy of painting, at a time when Pop Art giving way to Minimalism and Conceptual Art in the US. Arte Povera artists desire to break down the separation between art and life and almost alchemical interest in employing unorthodox materials, including coal, wood, silk, glass, living

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