Art's Dimensions Essay

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Before the late 15th century Drawing was considered a student medieum. Copying the master’s work was the ,means by which a student learned the higher form of art which was Painting. One componant of Drawing was sketching on wooden tablets then sanding it clean after each drawing. The point at which the artist began to draw on paper was around the late 15th century when the cost of paper became more reasonable affordable. Prior to that time paper was difficult to come by. The Artist would make multiple sketches or rough drafts on paper before committing to canvas or plaster. Just to name a few Artists , Jan Vermeer’s “The Allegory of Painting”, Raphael’s “Alba Madonna”, Beverly Buchanan’s “Shackworks”. PRINTMAKING For centuries prints were found primarily in books. But since the 19th century and increasingly since WWII an Explosion of prints emerged. Many reasons exist for this explosion of prints. For one , Mass production and distribution along with mass media were the sign of the times. Mass numbers of prints were everywhere for the multitude to view the realistic prints. Another reason, maybe ever more important is that a unique work of art , a painting, a sculpture can now be viewed by the common man of minimal financial means. Reaching out further then ever before and viewed by more and more people. Costs have always been a part of art. The increasing costs in the 20th century to transport and protect a priceless work of art was one of the reasons why prints became an efficient and effective way to display the Beauty and share the awe of such works of art. Just to name a few artist’s, Albrecht Durer’s “Adam and Eve”, June Wayne’s “Knockout”, Hartmann’s Schedel’s “The Neuremberg”. PAINTING Early in the 15th century the cultural arrival of painting as an art arrived. Mort widely known to art historians paintings originated in Italy with

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