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Art 101
Term Paper

Ansel Adams

Art in itself has been something that I never took a huge interest into and even after this class will still probably only technically enjoy my particular taste in art, or what I consider art. With that being said I have at least learned a greater appreciation for art and what is behind the art. Whether it be a sculpture or painting, or the craziness involved with the artist behind the art. The other thing that I also have taken away from this course is a greater appreciation for the type art that I already have a great fondness for, photography. For me photography has a beautiful way of capturing life’s moments and preserving them to treasure and appreciate later. I recognize that can be the point behind a painting as well, but in my opinion with the actual photograph you get all of the tiny details and the exact image of how that particular thing or scene looked at that exact second. That to me is amazing and always why I chose Ansel Adams. “Ansel Adams was an American Photographer best known for his iconic images of the American West, including Yosemite National Park.” Ansel Adams combined some of my favorite things and provided magnificent things; he took photography, then took pictures of the outdoors in my favorite type of scenery; the west, with the beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and all of Gods creations and then put it all in black and white. There is something so crisp, clean and pristine about black and white, almost pure. So picking Ansel Adams seemed like a natural choice, because I knew I would enjoy learning about someone who obviously enjoyed some of the same aesthetically pleasing things that I do. Adams was not only a photographer but an environmentalist, who was born in San Francisco, California, on February 20th, 1902 and after a somewhat rocky and unique childhood, he led an
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