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Art Society Essay

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  • on April 9, 2012
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The Arts

Art is a mode of expression that uses skill or imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects , environments , or experiences that can be shared with others (Encyclopedia Britannica , 2007 . Art is divided into different categories such as literature (poetry , drama , story , and so on , the visual arts (painting , drawing , sculpture , etc , the graphic arts (painting , drawing , design , etc , the performing arts (music , dance , etc ) and many more (Encyclopedia Britannica , 2007 . Art is a portentous practice which is situated within history and society Art is part of human existence for

it a product of the human mind . Art plays a major role in our lives and it affects our lives in many ways The following paragraphs will bring light into the role of art in people 's lives , through a discussion of ideas and insights related to the

People perceive art in different ways . There are a number of factors that could influence one 's perception of art . These are : social status culture , educational background , gender , age , etc

The class reading which was entitled , It 's not rocket science ' showed us a scenario wherein science and engineering students were required to take humanities and social science classes . These students were obviously not receptive to the idea . This reaction is common to those who are not inclined to the arts . In this case , we have science and engineering students who did not realize the importance of humanities (which is related to art ) and social science . The reason for this requirement was mentioned in the text

The students say 'There 's too much reading , too much writing - you 're murdering us

said Philip Khoury , MIT 's humanities dean "We want kids who will win the Nobel Prize in science , but we also want to produce leaders . And there 's no way they can be leaders without the big picture " By that he means without a grasp of the world outside the laboratory , where gene engineering is as...

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