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Summary Seval D. Yavuz’s text “Mediating Messages: Cultural Reproduction through Advertising” explains the perception of product advertising methods using sociological, cultural and psychological meanings in society. The text explains the life period of the product before and after it hits the target market. Furthermore, it explores various elements that advertising impacts in sociological and cultural areas. It shows how production life of the product is created when all of the market aspects and consumer needs are in a balance of technological capabilities. Whereas Consumption life is when product is consumed and marked by consumers along making and impact on social, cultural and individual environments. Needless to say, there is a gap between these two periods of production life which is an Advertisement of the product. This critical point of product life uses various symbolistic and stereotypical matters and metaphors which changes or improves the perception of the product and introduces it to wide range of consumers. As G.Dyer defines the main function of the advertisement is an introduction to the consumer, he also adds, - “…but this is clearly not its only role; over the years it has become more and more involved in the manipulation of social values and attitudes, and less concerned with the communication of essential information about goods and services.”(Gillian Dyer 1982: 2p). Moreover, advertisers are spending a lot of money into researching subcultural markets to create the product more memorable and needed for the particular groups in society. Text also shows how advertising could be impacted or built up by society. For instance M.Schudson agrees that, - “Advertisements pick up and represent values already in the culture.”(Michael Schudson 1989: 92p), this is there already functioned stereotypes and symbolic matters come in. Product advertisement

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