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Art Of The Americas By Juan Del Moral April 21, 2009 Art History Survey 1 Chris Wilson The arts is said to be a multiple of creations however for the South American region art was something unique to each tribe, having their individual style of what their gods should look in their eyes, while secretly having similairties to those around them.Bringing me to a theory that historical pieces of art to the tribes were a big competition for their were many cultures that have overpassed the previous step of the tribe behind them giving the idea that although their epic time were different between all the tribes their gods and deities are still the same in every tribe. Giving the flow of perfection of the South americans as time passes.As each tribe…show more content…
They did many things to start fertilizing and growing crops like corn, squash, and beans. They also made a mildly alcholic brew from a spiky leafed maguey plant which is said to still be consumed. The Teotihuacan become very well off that they started to become a large area of commerce and manufacturing, they were the first largest city in the Americas. Bringing fact that this is were many of the tribes start getting their blueprints on how to improve from the teotihuacans havingtheir beautiful pyrmaids of the sun and the pyramid of the moon. Pyramid of the Sun is east of the main corridor, it is the largest of the monuments that the city has being over two hundered feet high and measures about seven hundered and twenty feet on each side at its base, it is very similar to the sizeof the pyramids of giza however not as tall. The pyramid of the moon isn’t as enorumous as the sun pyramid. It’s at the north side of the main avenue, were it faces a large plaza.Even though the moon pyramid isn’t as big as the sun pyramid. I don’t only see pyramids signifying two gods but gods who are meant for each other, with a sense of

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