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Art Of Being Human Essay

  • Submitted by: skipcounty
  • on October 12, 2011
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Hello class and Prof. Alan,
My heart goes out to Hanneh Hayyeh.   Here you have a women who is poor and works very hard for what little money she gets, and appreciates the simple things in life, like having a nice kitchen.   All she wants is to have is a little a beauty in her life which is a   kitchen painted white, that reminds her of the times he shares with her boss Mr. Preston and it serves as home coming gift for her son from the war.
I dislike her husband because of his attitude and lack of support for her dreams.   Just because you are poor does not mean you should not have dreams of wanting better things.   Hanneh Hayyeh had great hope in things she valued most.
Also, I dislike the landlord who was just out for greed at Hanneh Hayyeh’s expense.   Instead of him seeing the big picture that his women could remodel the hole flat and he would never have to invest any money into it and the appreciation of the fact that now this tenant would live in the flat much longer. He is only thinking on a short term fix which is just quick money.
How did the author create a "universal appeal? ” In this story our writer uses good illustrations which were very distinct about characters feelings. The author looked at the world through the eyes of Hanneh Hayyeh and the feeling of what it would be like to be poor and living on the lower Eastside of New York, in the 1900’s.
He figured out what interested her, how she felt about it and what she would think and do when put in certain situations.   For instance, after she destroys her beautiful kitchen, the author shares her feelings. He states, ” Her own soul she had killed.” These walls that stared at her in their ruin were not just walls. They throbbed with the pulse of her flesh. For every inch of the broken plaster there was a scar on her heart.   She had destroyed that which had taken her so many years of prayer and longing to build up.   But this demolished beauty like her own soul, though killed, still quivered and ached with...

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