Art of Annoying People Essay

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There are many arts in the world, such as Photography, painting, martial arts... all these arts are Old, let me introduce you to a new art called the Noble art of Annoying people". From the title of the Art you get to know that it's really a Nobel art. This is the only art you will find while doing it you are pleased and when some one else does you get irritated. My dear before I teach you these arts i want all of you to promise me to do 3 things: 1- Practice 2- Practice 3- And practice So let's start: Art No# 1: · Begin all your sentences with "ooh my god ", like your telling a bad news. · Write the surprise ending to a novel on its first page. · Write "X - BURIED TREASURE" in random spots on all of someone's Road maps. In result you'll get all roads Dogged up. · Throw newspapers back at paperboys. · Announce when you're going to the bathroom. · Answer every question with another question. As soon as one of you says a statement instead of a question, shout "I win!". · Ask people to prove everything they say. (e.g. "I'm Bob, nice to meet you..." "PROVE IT!") · Before exiting the elevator, push all the buttons. · Dance fast to slow music and vice-verse. · Eat out with friends and "forget" your wallet. · Wear a flash green jacket when you go to work. (Like Btac's Jackets) · Name your dog "Dog" · Stare at people with scary look. · The most Annoying thing Ask people what gender they are. Probably there are many more ways to annoy people, Use these ways to annoy, and don't forget to practice. On the other hand we get irritated when these tricks are played up on us. So how not to let annoying people annoy you You only harm yourself Getting annoyed really harms no one but you. Laugh about itMost workplace jerk behaviour is annoying sure, but when you really look at it, it's mostly pathetic and ridiculous. Laugh at it, rather than get annoyed. Play it cool: When you
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