Art of Ancient Egypt

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The Art of Ancient Egypt Wade Johnson The ancient Egyptians arose around the time of 3150 B.C.E. and settled around the Nile River Valley. Ancient Egyptian culture revolved heavily around religion and the constant struggle to reach the afterlife. The art that they created was mainly made to serve functional purposes. The Egyptians had a very uniform style of art, and their styles stayed the same for thousands of years. Their art and architecture are some of the most iconic and lasting art forms in history. During the era of the Old Kingdom, artists adopted a strict set of principles that Egyptian art would adhere to for generations. Their art standards included common shapes, simple lines, and flat projections of figures with no depth. Ancient Egyptians used stone to carve images and used wood as a cheaper alternative. Text and images were carved onto temple walls, on religious relics, and inside tombs. Carvings depicting events in daily life filled the tombs in an order to create the ideal afterlife. The powerful people in Egyptian society were adorned with jewelry, decorated clothing, and ornate headdresses. Temples were elaborately decorated with hieroglyphics and religious symbols. Pharaohs used art to record their victories in battles, public announcements, and religious scenes. Members of ancient Egypt had sculptures of religious relics to help gain access to the afterlife. Fertility statues were used to promote spiritual life. Egyptian architecture includes some of the most famous structures in the world. Buildings were generally made for religious purposes. Some of the more famous buildings include the Pyramids of Giza and the temples at Thebes. The ancient Egyptians were very skilled builders, and made there structures with precision and planning. Their temples and pyramids were intended to last forever as tributes to their gods. The

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