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Art Museum Your name here Your university here Although art has taken many shapes and forms throughout the centuries, one cannot deny art forms are directly inspired by other works. Incorporated together are art works from the Hellenistic period (Nike), Ancient Rome (the Coliseum), Islamic Civilization (the Mosque of Cordova), Southern Song Dynasty (Loquats and a Mountain Bird), Gothic Era (Cathedral of Salisbury), and finally the Baroque Age (Lilacs & Llandro). Each piece of artwork is a descriptive example of inspiration. Nike of Samothrace Breathtaking does not seem to be descriptive enough to describe the beauty of the marble statue, Nike of Samothrace. Discovered in 1863, on the island of Samothrace, the statue of Nike illustrates the compassionate love of the Gods by the Greek people. Believed to be sculpted sometime around 190 B.C.E., “Winged Victory” would be a symbol of the victory of the Olympian Gods over the Titans. The image of the Greek goddess Nike brings a sense of empowerment and feel of determination at first sight. Figure 1 allows one to see the courage and perseverance during a challenging time. Intricate carving of the wings, located in the center of the back just behind the shoulders, indicates tremendous skills by the unknown sculptor. Charging forward, Nike is draped with a flowing gown that accentuates her perfect feminine body. According to Benton, J.R., and Di Yanni, R. (2007), “the Stoic view, an intelligent spiritual force resembling reason, the Logos, pervades the universe. The Coliseum Roman architecture dramatic in form sets the backdrop for an outstanding piece of history. The Colosseum, a large amphitheater, was the setting for public entertainment. Originally the Colosseum was called Amphitheatrum Flavium, constructed by the emperors of the Flavian dynasty.

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