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Short Paper 2- The Museum Project On my visit to the North Carolina Art Museum and exploring a special exhibition of American Art through an online tour at the Smithsonian American Art Museum: “The Great American Hall of Wonders”, I became familiar with the local museum in North Carolina, and also with the source materials and web presence of American Museums, like the Smithsonian. I explored the North Carolina Art Museum and found the American Art Collection where many artist works are housed that we have studied over the semester, like John Singleton Copley, Thomas Sully, Gilbert Stuart and my personal favorite Rembrandt Peale. Rembrandt Peale’s oil on canvas portrait, “Porthole Portrait of George Washington” is housed in the North Carolina Art Museum. Peale completed the piece in 1853 after Washington’s death in 1799, with great influence from his father Charles Wilson Peale. At my visit to the North Carolina Art Museum, I looked at a lot of American genre paintings. One oil on canvas painting caught my attention more than any other one in the museum, by an artist known as Thomas Hicks. Hicks painting, “The Musicale, Barber Shop, Trenton Falls, New York” finished in 1866 depicts the story of African Americans after President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation and the passage of the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which ended slavery, but still during Americas struggle with segregation and the class difference between White Americans and African Americans and even men and women. Breaking down the meaning and story behind the painting is somewhat straightforward, but complex. The genre painting tells the story of the rise of African Americans in everyday life. Two African American musicians, a barber singer and a fiddler, play for the white men and women in the audience. This tells the story that African Americans are

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