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Ayan Mahdi 5th Hour Honors English. Art Influence in society If you were to look at an essay, or an art piece what would attract you more? Art is not just the "expression or application of human creative skill and imagination."(1) Art varies in many ways there are modern art, language art, and more. All these have a role in our society. It has a great influence on our society in many ways. Art has the best influence on society because it helps society better understand,art helps people medically/physically, and be able to communicate through it. Art helps us better understand what the topic or subject is about;art affects students ability to learn. If you draw a picture of a person rather than writing a paragraph about picking up trash many people can look at the picture and understand what it is asking, causing people to do better for our society. Many schools have Art education because of the studies that show art can be helpful in students education and learning skills. Art helps In Science, Technology, English, and Math (STEM). It helps with problem solving, " art while important to study for their intrinsic value it also promotes skills seen as important in academic success."(2). Art helps people physically and mentally, which can also be helpful for the society "many researchers have long been interested in the relationship between art and the human brain."(2) Researchers from New Castle viewed contemporary visual art that had positive effects on the personal lives of nursing home-bound elders. Plus it has been noticed that art helps school children's grades in math and literacy. As the national art education association points out, art is beneficial for the artist as an outlet for work. The creation management, and distribution of art that employs

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