Art in the Baroque Era

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Art Appreciation | April 14 2012 | This paper is a summary and showing of art during the Baroque era that show it’s art in a form of expression and realism of the figures within there paintings. | Baroque works of art | When we take a look at Baroque Art we have to look at the times of the seventeenth century and the rebirth of modern philosophy which represents continuation and transformation of ideas. The art during these times had an essence of tension, emotion and expression that was portrayed through the many paintings by several artist that used detail and light to create there personal mastererpieces of art during this era. Baroque Art is art that deals with line, color, tone and texture where light seem to bring painting alive. The first piece of art by Giotto Di Bondone called Lamentation is a piece of art that portrays feeling san give the painting a feel of realism. During this time Giotto was doing work for a man called Enrico Scrovegni who built a chapel and had Giotto decorate it with paintings t atone for what his father had one during his profession. In this painting it shows figures that look like little angles expressing their grief over the death of Jesus in a manner that is truly human like. You se each figure in a different position as they hover over the body and the other figures beside his body are looking on in disbelief as the painting shows light and halo effect upon the head of the figures. This painting represents something sacred and the power of divinity. The story of Jesus is told through Giotto’s painting and was meant to teach people of the bible. As you look at the painting there is a light that seems to consume this painting and bring the paint to life. The second painting is by the artist Masaccio called the Holy Trinity and is the first major painter of the Italian renaissance era about one hundred

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