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Art History Short Paper

  • Submitted by: ajtunison
  • on December 3, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Art History Short Paper
Anthony Tunison

Art has different meanings to different people, which makes it difficult to explain the true meaning of the subject. Differing opinions and upbringings may alter the viewer's interpretation of a work of art. So how would one explain works of art to someone who is unable to see them? The most intricate, yet simplistic way is to use the senses other than sight. The artists in the following pieces have given beautiful pieces to incite feelings and emotions to an unseeing audience.

The Village Tavern, by John Lewis Krimmel, paints more then just another bar scene. Through the many different facial expressions and what seems to be differing opinions, he shows how these taverns were for more than just drinking and debauchery. This is a place where people from all ages and backgrounds would come together to share time and company. At first glance at the central point of the paining, a group of men, and a small family unit with a child are gathered around a rectangular wooden table. On the right end of the table is a man very intently reading a newspaper, almost completely disregarding the others in the tavern, while the man standing to his right side appears to be expressing and questioning political opinions on an article from said newspaper. There are two men in the background to the left, who have joined in this conversation, one of which wants no part in it, while the man coming through the door seems eager to speak on the topic. There is a bar in the center background, which is calmly occupied by the bartender who seems to be conversing with the delivery man who is coming through a door to the left, which lends a great deal of light to the painting. Although there is a lot going on in this painting, it is very simplistic in the sense that the clothes the people are wearing seem to be somewhat delicate and soft to the touch. From the soft cottons to smooth leathers, there is an extensive array of textures in this...

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