Art History Panathenaic Essay

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Jahangir Khan ART HISTORY 3/15/13 Outline for Panathenaic amphora 1. Collect complete information on artist or sculptor (if available), title of the piece, date, size, materials used, what museum it is in.- You will find all or some of this information on the label next to the artwork in the museum. 1) Title- Panathenaic amphora 2) Size- 24 9/16 x 16 3/16 in 3) Location- Princeton art museum 4) Date- ca. 500–490 B.C. 5) Material- Ceramic Thesis- Where did the most important form of this art came from, and how this art evolved over the centuries, and the arts purpose. 2. Briefly discuss the technique(method) used in creating the artwork. The Panathenaic amphora is made of ceramic material that rotated in to an almost oval shape. They have different types of pots but the Panathenaic amphora was the most common design. The Panathenaic amphora used method of style of painting was black-figure pottery paintings, after the Panathenaic amphora is created, the artist uses a dark black paint to draw the main figure of the painting and then the artist uses brighter colors like reds and whites to detail the figure. The painting on the Panathenaic amphora was all done before baking it to insure a strong bond between the paint and ceramic, as well as to bring out the color. 3. Descriptive Analysis The Panathenaic amphora style is a very recognizable; as we can see they all followed a normal shape of an oval becoming wider at the top and slanted down to a skinner bottom with a flat base as a support. The most recognizable points of the Panathenaic amphora is the style of painting well-known as black-figure painting which was used with all vases of this design and really make it an actual Panathenaic vase. One technique the Greeks loved for the Panathenaic amphora was

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