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Jason Mitchell Mitchell 1 Art History April 19, 2011 For my trip to the Wadsworth Atheneum I looked at four categories of art; 20th Century American Art, 19th Century European Art, Hudson River School and Connections Gallery( Matrix 161). The first art category is 20th Century American Art. The artist that stood out to me the most was Stuart Davis. Davis (Dec 1892-June 1964) was an early American modernist painter. He is well known for his Jazz inspired proto pop art during the 1950’s and 1940’s. At a very young age he was exposed to art by his father, who was the art editor for the Philadelphia Press newspaper. Davis studied art under the guidance of Robert Henri, who was the leader of the early modern art group called the Eight. At and art exhibit in 1913, he was exposed to Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, this is what committed him to becoming a modern artist. Davis is most famous for his hard edged type of art, hard edge art is the abrupt transitions between color areas. The one that stood out to me at the Wadsworth was Davis’s gas can piece; it is hard edged, oil on canvas art work. Also his use of normal everyday items such as gas cans, cigarette packages and spark plug advertisements put him into the hard edged category. Davis passed away in 1964, at the age of 71 from a stroke. The second category of art I looked at was 19th Century European Art. One artist in particular that caught my attention was Vincent van Gogh. One of his self portraits that he painted in 1889 was very good. It is said throughout his career he painted thirty self portraits. Van Gogh (March 1853- July 1890) was a Dutch post impressionist artist. A Dutch post Impressionist artist is someone who had a far reaching influence on art because of his vivid color and emotional impact. Van Gogh suffered from anxiety and increasingly frequent bouts of mental illness

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