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Assignment 2.07 Short Reflective Writing Great works of architecture can stand the test of time. Their feats still manage to amaze the public today and gather thousands of visitors each year. The Colosseum is one of these works and is a grand statement of Roman glory. Also known as the Flavian amphitheater, the Colosseum was built under the direction of the emperor, Vespasian starting in 70 BCE. It is located east of the Roman Forum in the center of the city of Rome. Unfortunately, Vespasian never saw his work completed as he died before it was finished. His successor and son, Titus, completed the architectural feat in 80 BCE and dedicated it to him in his honor. It is as high as a sixteen story building built of concrete. Concrete was a roman invention and it was less expensive and sturdier than the previously used material, stone. The Colosseum contains the three Classical orders of architecture in three levels. Doric columns are represented in the first, Ionic in the second, and Corinthian in the third. All of these columns were first shown by the Greeks by which the Romans adopted from and incorporated into their architecture. Gladiatorial games were played in the Colosseum for the entertainment of Roman citizens and they were first ordered by Emperor Titus. It was even flooded at one point during a gladiatorial The Colosseum was constructed by Vespasian because he wanted to give a gift to the Roman people after he became Emperor and for the enjoyment of his citizens. He wanted to give “public” land back to the Roman population after the last emperor over constructed his palace. A civilization is defined by its works of art. Roman civilization is an amazing one, because of this. Ordered by Emperor Vespasian, as a gift to his people, the Colosseum represents Roman society as a grand spectacle. I chose to reflect on the Colosseum because it is one of the
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