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Art History Essay

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  • on August 22, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Art History" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Art styles have evolved gradually over time. Throughout eras, art has diversified, built upon and evolved from one period of time to another. Changes in society and advancements have shaped at reshaped artists perspectives. The style and focus in artistic expression has evolved as the centuries passed, and society developed and modernized. While all pieces are appreciated for their unique qualities, many have similarities that are representative of past periods.

      Romanticism was an artistic movement in the 18th century that drastically altered the way Europeans and Americans viewed the world and art. It began in 1770 and ended in 1870.   This was the time frame during which the French, American, and industrial revolutions take place (Archer, 2013). This movement started as a rebellious statement in opposition to the social and religious beliefs during that time (Arthistory.net, 2013). Defining creativity, romanticism focused on individualism, imagination, emotions and nature (Arthistory.net, 2013).

      Society changed in many ways during this period. The focus shifted from science and reason to nature and imagination (Hinckley, 2012). Families were becoming larger, during this period and education was improving (Archer, 2013). People began working in factories, instead of at home. Also, women began earning a living outside the home to lend a hand to financially support the family. Workhouses were a sign of this period.   Husbands and wives were separated and usually children were kept away from their parents as well.

      Sanitation was an issue because there was waste and garbage lying all over. These poor conditions lead to outbreaks of disease. Later in the Romantic era, Louis Pasteur discovered ways to sterilize liquids using heat. This helped to eliminate microscopic organisms that caused


                              AND MODES IN THE HUMANITIES

disease. Surgical procedures improved with the...

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