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When looking at both of these paintings, they have similarities that one can see just by looking at the paintings. Venus unclothed in both either listening to music or in the woods with Adonis. Also, along with Venus in both paintings, baby Cupid is present in as well. Titian and Rubens both use very naturalistic characteristics while painting the people in the scenes. Another similarity is that these works of art are both painted on oil on canvas; however, Venus and Adonis is a much larger painting standing at 77 3/4 x 95 5/8 inches; whereas Venus and the Lute Player was only, 65 x 82 1/2 inches (The Metropolitan Museum of Art). Although these paintings both have similar characters present in them, they are from two different time periods. For example, Venus and the Lute Player is from Northern Italian Renaissance; where as, Venus and Adonis is from Flemish Baroque (The Metropolitan Museum of Art). Each of these time periods is known for different types of painting styles; therefore, each has their own styles. They both give a very clear picture on what is going on in the painting; each work of art being secular, but differ greatly from one another. Every painting contains a story; whether what they are painting is happening historically or personally to the artist. Venus and the Lute Player by Titian is from a series of four celebrated paintings by him. Each of these paintings contains a theme of music, one of them including a young man playing the lute for Venus as she lay there. This painting sort of commemorates the meaning of love and music. As baby Cupid in the painting is crowning Venus, she stares off into the distance almost ignoring the music. Back in the late 1400’s, this idea of a debate whether seeing or hearing is where true beauty if perceived (The Metropolitan Museum of Art). However, Venus and the Lute Player, seeing is definitely more prominent

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