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Title: The View of Toledo Name: Anastasiya Siniakovich Course: Art History 2 Section: C Professor: Dr. Marnin Young Date: 2/20/2012 The View of Toledo by El Greco is currently on exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. El Greco was born in 1541 and died in 1614. During his lifetime El Greco made a lot of paintings however he was a sculptor and architect as well. The painting in discussion is an oil painting made on a canvas. The View of Toledo is one of the most beautiful pieces of art created by this artist. El Greco started painting The View of Toledo in 1596 but it took him until the 1600’s to finish the oil painting. The View of Toledo is one of the two landscape paintings by El Greco that has survived the test of time and that you can still see today on display. El Greco paints a scene steeped in renaissance glory. Toledo is set as a city upon a hill, depicting the city almost as if on the summit of Mt. Olympus with the heavens circling around in majestic fury. Establishing the city as the center of the scene, and by illusion the world, his assessment of the political development of the time through the river is easily evident. “Toledo is the wellspring of the world” this painting says, “and the river of the philosophical and political establishment flows outward from its hallowed terraces”. He paints this, however, in the past tense, which is impressed upon the viewer by the slight effect of ruin on the buildings, the lack of activity in the painting by any people, and the lack of a visible two way connection to the outside world. The message this sends to the viewer is that Toledo has seen its hay day and that it is no longer the center of world affairs. The composition of this painting has a very important role in attracting the viewers’ attention, and the paintings division is very simple. The sky and the nature

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