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Raya Zuby Oklah Art history final paper April 26th 2012 After walking around the Art Institute of Chicago, I decided to pick two different artworks to discuss, which were “The Poet’s Garden” by Vincent Van Gogh and “The old guitarist” by Pablo Picasso. I chose those two artworks not only because they were two of my favorite artworks, but because I wanted to study how even though Vincent van Gogh influenced Pablo Picasso, they turned out with different artworks. I found it very interesting to see how art has changed in just a small period of time. To most people, a piece of artwork is just paint, colors, lines and pictures that fill a canvas. Sometimes the whole story of the painting is easily understandable through the dramatic poses of its subjects or the extravagant backgrounds. But some paintings are not as loud as other paintings, it doesn’t scream out and grabs people’s attention. The first artwork I saw was “The Old Guitarist” by Pablo Picasso, it’s an example of a silent painting with an idea that can be interpreted into different ways, depending on the views of the person. It was painted during late 1903 and early 1904 and the medium was oil on panel. The painting is one-dimensional, it’s flat, and doesn’t have a distinct background to it. It is done in a monochromatic color scheme and represents a very thin, fragile man holding a guitar. The guitar is painted in brown, which makes it stand out from the blue monochromatic color scheme, the man is sitting cross-legged and the upper half of his body is bent over. This man holds the guitar very close to him as if he didn’t have anything else in the world, which by the looks of him he is poor and might not have any possessions. Picasso extends ones understanding for this guy by not putting shoes on his feet and by letting him pluck the strings of his guitar, as if he’s playing a last song of hope.

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