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I was nervous when I first decided to take this class in fear that I may not be interested in the art from prehistoric times. I must now admit that I am pleasantly surprised and how intriguing and fascinating I find these pieces of incredible work and beautiful craftsmanship. I have always found myself interested in Stonehenge and thought that I would lean more towards writing a report on one of the world’s biggest mysteries. However, I continued to look at the figures of woman and man and was finding myself imagining a prehistoric woman crafting these two mysterious pieces and could not think of a better topic to end this first chapter that may change my current degree of study. Figures of Woman and Man were found in a grave in Cernavoda, Romania. They are dated back to around 4500 BCE and are made of ceramic. They stand 4 ½ inches in height which I have learned is a very typical height for figures from this time period. There is a mystery behind these to figures and can make you imagine a number of different meanings and stories behind them. Many of the figures of women from this time period tend to have a similar shape of large breast, wide hips, and a larger stomach. This leads people to believe that it is a symbol of fertility and the importance of woman in the continuation of mankind. Some believe they were used for communication or trade between tribes to let others know that there women were strong, fertile, and capable of carrying a child. This woman has all the same characteristics except for the fact that she appears to be sitting on the ground gazing up at something. Could she be symbolizing a spiritual figure thanking the “Gods” for a child, looking at the beauty of the sky, or maybe staring at the figure of the man that was found with her? No one really knows the true meaning behind her but that is what makes this beautiful figure so mesmerizing.

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