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Richard Hamilton’s Pop Art painting, Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing? and Jan Van Eyck’s Arnolfini’s Northern Renaissance, Wedding portrait both possess prominent characteristics of their time, place, and artistic movement. Pop Art is art that reflects through images and products, items of a popular culture. The Northern Renaissance period had a fundamental aspect which was the fondness for meticulous rendering of details which is clearly shown in Arnolfini’s painting. These two paintings were made in different periods in Art History but they made a big impact in their time. The Arnolfini Wedding, focuses on a couple getting married. Due to the fact that during the Northern Renaissance, or the entire Renaissance period for that matter portrays a significant amount of detail and the “rebirth of ancient traditions,” viewers need to really focus on what is seen in this painting. Basically everything is of symbolic significance. Some examples are the appearance of the lady being pregnant, this really symbolizes the holy purpose of the matrimony. Also, the color green of her dress represents fertility. The dog is a representation of fidelity to each other; loyalty to God, and the sandals which have been removed signify that they are standing on holy ground. Another important detail is the single candle in the candelabra, this means that the presence of Christ is with them. On the back wall there is a mirror that reflects their backs and other people- an audience maybe. Richard Hamilton’s collage gained a lot of attention because of the abundant amount of details embedded within the artwork. Everything that is seen in the collage was placed there because it was popular during that time. That is exactly what Pop Art is all about, and I believe that the man and woman are both half naked because this is the time where sex and the idea

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