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The African galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art consisted a collection of different forms of art from many different parts of Africa. It represented an embodiment of various African cultures’ customs, rituals, thought process, and expression. The galleries structural aspects in terms of lighting, organization and flow were done for the ease of the patron. The presentation of the galleries was impressive as it allowed the viewer to focus on the art rather than the amazing architecture of the building. The galleries were divided into two rooms and within these sections, there were sections based on regions of Africa. Such regions were South Africa, Central Savannah, Kingdom of Benin, Nigeria, Guinea, West Sudan, and equatorial rainforest. The galleries were sized based on the amount of art each region displayed. Some of the regions happened to have many collected works of art and so they would be large whereas others were quite small. Within each section, artwork was displayed in a chronological order usually ranging from the 14th to 20th century. The lighting of the gallery was tastefully and intelligently done. The lighting of the gallery made sure it would accentuate the work of art rather than the actual room. The lighting consisted mostly of spotlighting coming two sections for the statues and just basic white/yellow light for the encased pieces. Most of the pieces were enclosed in glass for the protection of the ancient pieces. Though the art was lit well, the entire gallery was quite dim. I thought this was so to allow the patron focus on the intended works rather than the building itself. The African art galleries were something different yet interesting. It admittingly is not something I would normally visit but was impressed by the setup and the collection itself. There isn’t much I would change with the setup of the gallery except perhaps

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