art is eternal

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It is quite important for artists to have critics commenting on their works or behaviors, which means their words are appealing attentions of particular eyes. No artist would like their work to be ignored but being admired by himself. Therefore, artists should pay much attention to their critics. I do not agree with the idea above.

Let us get down to a fundamental that art are for most people after all. Artists need to get information from the outside which implies them of the goodness or badness of their works, to help them produce better works. Since art for most people who do not delve in it is somewhat inscrutable, it is a good way for them to refer to the criticism of the critics, most of whom are experts. Criticism is not only a fastidious eyes picking holes but also a head lamp to help most people to understand the works of artists. We could notice that the movies and TV shows which are nominated in Ammy or Oscar wards, and the music which is nominated in Grammy all will have an rapidly increasing sale.

Another reason that artists should pay much attention to their critics is because they find and pick out what the artists themselves did not notice but important to them. Surely when artists produce some works, they display the details in them because he think the information is good, interesting, or can convey something they think to be important to tell the people. But everything has two sides, when they show the bright one, do they notice the dark side? Say, if a director want to show the cruelty of war in a movie, he put aside too much scenes of blood, volience and weapons in it, it will also have bad effect on young people. Therefore, critics will point out ahead before most people going to see the movie what is bad about the movie. Thus when people watch it themselves, they will have a preconception what in their sight is probably wrong. This
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