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Mario A. Chavez Thursday, April 11, 2013 Art.102/Ms. Hagerty Okay, so in the year of 1931 in the beautiful country of Spain, in the city of Catalonia, a beyond talented, brilliantly unique, and respected surrealist artist completed one his most admired and controversial paintings. The painting in which I now find myself speaking to you about is the very journey I took into the mesmorizing painting itself from an artistic stand of view, which I will know share with you. So anyways, this painting is beautifuly distinctive, realistically confusing, and extremely unique in its very own way. Till this day it has a huge fan following and is frequently referred to in popular culture. The reason why I have been genuinely drawned into this admirable and mystifying painting is due to its unexplainable concealed message. "The Persistence of Memory", is the painting that has left me query and in delving. Searching for answers, hints, or some sort of revealance to me. Just as the painting itself, its creator is just as cherished and idolized. As equally to this fascinating painting, the handicrafter of it is just as incomparable. Salvador Dali is the most vivid, dreamy, and surrealist visionary I have ever come across, another huge reason why this baffling painting has grabbed a tight hold of my intrusive interest. So the best way I believe in trying to describe this enigmatic painting is by trying to put myself in Salvador's shoes at the time he painted it, but as I attempted to do so I found out that it was absurd to try do such thing. In my point of view, Salvador Dali painted "The Persistence of Memory" in a precise time of his life. The stunning painting "The Persistence of Memory", brought into existence by the prodigious artist Salvador Dali, is found on my very own "Gardeners Art Through The Ages" textbook on page.722. Salvador Dali painted and completed "The

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