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As I have study this image, I have decided that it takes me to a dark time. I honestly find this image, work of art disturbing. I cannot speak for others on this art piece, but it makes me wonder why the artist created this image. I think the artist created this painting to express his feelings at the time. This work of art is a painting because of the abstract coloring and the streak marks from the brush. I am actually focusing on the central image which is the man and animal who are painted with dark colors. I am not totally sure why the artist used dark central colors then switched to the bright outline colors. I think the reason why the artist chose these colors is because he might have been feeling depressed. He might have been trying to express his mental state at the time. Does this piece of art represent a certain time period in history? If this art piece represents something in history, I think it’s representing something that is cannibalistic. The reason why I think it represents this is because of the man in the painting might be torturing the being or animal in the background. It looks as the being or animal was hung up by its arms, and it was maybe skinned to be eaten by the man. I am not totally sure what the umbrella represents, but this following explanation might explain why it was used in the painting. The man might be covered by the umbrella because he is ashamed of his doings toward the being or animal. I personally found this piece of art disturbing in my own mind. It makes me feel kind of sad and horrified of certain things that have happened in my life. This piece of art makes me think of bad things that have happened to me and that I do not want to experience

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