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Clarissa Sloan MU 2313 Section 010 “Selections from the Bearden Project” 10 September, 2014 Galleries I & II of the Department of Art & Design At the “Selections from the Bearden Project” exhibit, students, who I am assuming studied Bearden, took his style and adapted it into their own works of art. From what I could gather the majority of Bearden’s works were collages with distinct African American focuses. Generally the students made their own collage-like art that focused on African American culture. One work was called Portrait of a Young Girl. It was an interesting piece where the artist, Eila Alba, took a photograph of her body and shrunk, crumbled up, or enlarged parts of her body to create the image of a small child in what looks like the fetal position. Another piece of promising art work was Photographs with and Audience (Miami) Collage. This piece peaked my interest because in the artist’s, Clifford Owens, comments he explicitly let it be known that Bearden was not a direct influence in his art practices. This was significant to me because his was the only work that claimed that. His artwork was a collage, like most of the other works in the gallery, but his contained photos exclusively of Caucasian men and women. By far, my favorite work out of the two galleries was called Hide and Seek. The artist, Kambui Olujimi, took several trophies and wrapped them in blue tissue paper so that the observer could not see the exact detail of the trophies but one could see an obscured form of them. Each artist in this exhibit created a work that spoke to them personally and was meant to send that message to the observer. In the work, Portrait of a Young Girl, Eila Alba made the message very personal by using photographs of her own body. When I first looked at the figure, I was a little nauseated. The fact that the artist decided to use photographs made the

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