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Art Critique

  • Submitted by: diver1982
  • on March 29, 2013
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Art Critique

The Last of England

This oil painting painted in 1852 was based on an actual immigrant escaping to Australia Thomas Woolner.   This painting shows a boat of emigrants off the cliffs of England, the target of the painting is based on a middle class couple leaving England departing to Australia.   This picture was made in the last half of the nineteenth century by Ford Maddox Brown. At this time many people were leaving England to begin new lives abroad, either in the USA, Canada, or Australia. At this time these very long journeys took months to complete. The people who left knew it was very unlikely that they would ever see their homes in England again. They were also unsure that if they arrived safely at their destinations they would be able to make a success of their lives in a country thousands of miles from the land of their birth.This painting was originated from a wood sculpture.
The two subjects in the front of the painting are Ford Maddox him with his wife holding his baby in her arms, the little girl off to the side being a portrait of his daughter.   Bold color makes you look at different items throughout the painting; the pink bold hat of the female in the front helps you to look deeper into the meaning of the painting.   When you look at the painting at first you don’t see the baby in the woman’s arms, if you look closely you can see the baby’s hand clinching onto his mother.    
The facial expressions upon this boat are all different the two subjects in the front are of the same along with the little girl.   The facial expression of the two front subjects shows no concern on what is happening on the boat but what is coming up.   The other riders on the boat are showing concern for something that must be going wrong on the boat.   The facial expressions on the two front subjects to me points out possible a new outlook on an upcoming new life, not really the look of concern though. The gentle man working on the boat has a masculine...

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