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Art Critique The Nunscape at Manzanillo by Leonora Carrington is displayed at the A.H. Meadows Gallery and is exhibited as Ancient American Art at the Dallas Museum of Art. The first impression when seeing this painting on display is “why are habited nuns having so much fun?” Nuns are distinctively known to be servants of god who always rely on the bible and the word of God to lead them and we don’t often think of them as being able to “have fun”. Here we have nuns all over the canvas; there is movement being evoked by the lines of the waves drawn as they are swaying. The nuns are catching fish with their bare hands; drying their wet garments in the sun which is not something one does at a temporary place of stay. They are here for a while and the ship is sailing in with more nuns to join the rest on land. It can be seen there is a lot of color blending which was possible to the artist by the use of oil paint on canvas. The visual flow of this painting is effortless showing the concept of continuity which is important to note. Nuns are not seen as having individualized personalities; as they join and pass along come another member to take their place as servants of God. Even though the nuns are scattered everywhere along the canvas you get the sense of asymmetrical balance. The weight of the ship on the right hand side counteracts with the weight of the free standing column and the bird sitting on it on the opposite side of the canvas. Which then takes us to the question, “why is there a bird offering a blue egg?” This allows us to see not only one but two focal points, the nuns and the large three eye bird. The bird has an extra eye and it is because it is watching over the nuns; he is a watchful intermediary between the terrestrial and celestial ground. He sits on the free standing column representing the supporter of the heavens. Then there is a level of

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