ART CRITICISM: The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Me, Diego and Seor Xlotl

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DESCRIPTION: Visual Inventory The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Me, Diego and Señor Xólotl, is an oil on canvas painting, done in 1949 by Frida Kahlo. Kahlo has used many forms of Mexican culture and mythology in this painting. At the centre is Kahlo with her hair down wearing a red Mexican Tehuana outfit holds her husband, Diego Rivera as a motherly figure. The Tehuana outfit here that Kahlo is wearing was seen from the painting In My Dress Hangs There from 1933. At the Rivera’s forehead lies a third eye while he seems to be holding flames in his hand. Holding the pair is a rock figure, Cituacoatl the Earth Mother from Aztec mythology. Mexican cacti and vegetations grow off Cituacoatl and surrounds Kahlo and Rivera, with roots below them. In front, the foreground lays Kahlo’s pet dog, Señor Xólotl. Both Kahlo and Cituacoatl are wounded at the chest with blood coming from Kahlo’s wound and water from Cituacoatl’s. The background is a union between day and night in one figure which holds up Cituacoatl. The day and night was depicted more with the moon and sun. At an observer’s view the left side of the painting is night were the moon is and the arm of the figure holding the left side of Cituacoatl has a brown tone with shading, while the arm of the right side representing day is white. Kahlo has followed the light from this background figure to apply shading onto the objects in this painting. From the plants, moon and sun shown here the painting has more of an outdoor scene. Major Events in History at 1949 During 1949 numerous events occurred as the miserable years of World War II has ended and with postwar prosperity underway; companies supply cars, televisions and other goods demanded in the consumer society. Cars and TVs got bigger. Tensions increased between the East and West in the Cold War as China became a communist country and
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