Art Compare and Contrast Essay

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Quiz Essay #1 The two pieces of artwork I chose for this assignment are Meret Oppenheim’s “Object” and Rene Magritte’s “Personal Values”. I chose these two pieces because of my fondness for the surrealist art movement. I find it interesting because it reveals the contradictions of the everyday world and brings the subconscious mind to life. Each piece is representational in that they depict objects that are easily recognizable; however it’s the objects themselves that force the viewer to really evaluate the reality of what they see. In Oppenheim’s sculpture “Object”, we see a teacup, saucer and a spoon. These seem like they are everyday items, but upon further examination we see that they are covered in fur. It is illogical to think that one could drink from such a cup but the fact that the fur also adds appeal is undeniable. Her use of actual texture, although soft and appealing, renders these refined objects useless and forces the familiar to become unfamiliar. What was once delicate and refined has now been transformed into something much more animalistic. In Margitte’s “Personal Values” it shows a bedroom, with clouds for walls and filled with various everyday items such as a wine glass, a comb, matchstick, bar of soap and shaving brush. The items are of various proportions, imposing the thought of their relation to one another. The artist utilized linear lines to clearly define the images giving them an implied texture. The artist utilizes colors in a way to make the objects look realistic. Magritte, like Oppenheim, takes something familiar and makes it unfamiliar. By over exaggerating the scale of the objects they become absurd. The viewer is forced to take a new perspective on the value and meaning of the object. Upon inspection one could assume the room is his mind and each item is representational of a thought or emotion. Both

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