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From chapter 3 in the textbook, the work I like the most is The Regatta at Argenteuil, painted by Claude Monet in 1872 by oil on canvas. To me, this picture is very attractive; it represents the boats in full sail in such a beautiful day. By using blue as the major color, it makes the picture softer and creates a peacefully approach to audience. Monet made a bold simplification, treating the water and land equally; it seems to be there is no border between the water and land. Besides, I do not like the painting named Elegy to Spanish Republic No.34 painted by Robert Motherwell in 1953-1954 by oil on canvas. Because at the first time I saw this picture, I do not understand what its meaning is, the color is not attractive and it seems like it was painted carelessly. The two works from chapter two: the Apollo Belvedere and the African helmet mask can be considered beautiful when the audience view it not only by its shape, outward figure but also by cultural perspective. Different cultures have different visual conventions, that is why we have to learn about the art in the circumstance of the culture it reflects in order to understand its truly beauty. In art, the term “convention” means a traditional, habitual, or widely accepted method of presentation. Viewing art in context mean to observe it in its own perspective, its content, its historical and cultural concepts. It is very important to be able to view art in context in order have a better understanding about the artwork. The first time I saw Albert Bierstadt's The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak, I thought this is the real American landscape of Rocky mountain in 19th century, represented the wild, adventurous and unexplored West in people’s eyes. But after realizing this picture was painted by imagination of an European’s point of view, I had a complete different view toward this picture. I understand more about

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