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Brittany Shaw (4341054) American Public University Art Appreciation (ARTH200) Professor Dr.Irene Nero Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh A short Biography; In the year 1853 a boy was born to Anna Van Gogh, the father who was a pastor, Theodorus Van Gogh, the year before this birth they had given birth to a still born who was supposed to be called Levenloos, a year later they gave birth to a healthy baby boy who was to become the Vincent Van Gogh that we know; the artist. His mother picked out this name from his grandfathers; Vincent and Willem. (1) Van Gogh’s childhood was said to be a wonderful time for him, being brought up by his mother she wanted to install the same refined upbringing as hers as been. Vincent Van Gogh had 5 siblings; 3 sisters and two brothers, Anna, Theo, Lies, Cor and Wil. Although having a refined upbringing, his mother was a god fearing strict mother over Van Gogh, he has been described by many as “Temperamental,” “Unruly,” “Hard to deal with,” and “Troublesome,” by many that knew him. (2) His mother introduced him to literature, drawing and painting at an early age, as she did with all of her children. As Van Gogh would act out thought in the home his mother would throw away his art as a punishment for his unruly behavior. Because of his troubled behavior Van Gogh family decided to take him to a boarding school 13 miles from his home in Zevenberen. Van Gogh spent five years in the boarding school only allowed to come home and visit his family on holidays. During these years in school Van Gogh attended an art class, his teacher; Constantin Huysmans, Huysmans taught a different way of thinking and performing art. This teacher made a lasting impression on Van Gogh years later when he began painting and expressing himself. (3) In 1868 Van Gogh left the boarding school, just shy of his 15th

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