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Art and music are my passion. The way the music flows through my ears and the way the pencil just glides across the paper as if I have no control. Whenever I write, its just like art to me. Art isn't just a painting or a drawing, it's also words. Saying " I love you" is art, its the art of love and passion for someone so deeply. Music makes me feel alive, it makes me feel like I'm the greatest person in the world and I just close my eyes and imagine myself up on stage singing and the crowd roars and i have the feeling of adrenaline. People think they're is such music that is better than others, but as long as it's music it is art. If the music is a type that one may not like it doesn't me thou is not beautiful. To others it may have may have saved their lives. I listen to music when one is depressed or upset in my relationship between me & my loved one and it saves my life every time because without the sound of the angels singing "everything will be alright" like Bob Marley. I for one would be dead without it. Thinking of a colorless and musicless world isn't a world I would want to live in. Knowing that the only colors I would see, would be the flowers, which I would only be able to see or touch one time during the year. spring & summer. Winter would just be white, no color. Just a blank canvas that isn't waiting to be painted because it knows that no one will ever paint it. It would be an unborn child waiting to be cared for a dressed and loved. Music makes me want to cry. like my favorite song "sweet child o' mine" by Guns N' Roses. That song decided my fate, which is for me to live. It makes me feel like someone is singing about me and that someone is trying to tell me that they love me. and I love

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