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Music Template Cesar Liriano Kaplan University HU300 –10 Art and Humanities: 20th Century and Beyond Robert Vaughan 8/21/13 I was born in a country side of the Dominican Republic, in a small town located in the north side. The music that the people used to normally listen to is call Merengue Tipico and sometimes romantic music. However, in any celebration or reunion the Merengue Tipico was the main one because it is for dancing and we really had a good time. As I grew up, I started to listen to other types of music but the Merengue was in my veins because I grew up listening and dancing it. 1. What music do you associate with childhood? How did/does this music make you feel? How do your choices reflect your childhood experiences? Include at least one specific song/artist for this category. The music that I associate with my childhood is the Merengue Tipico because where I was born everybody listens to it. Also I come from a big family and every time they have a reunion, or get together for the different festivity like Christmas, New Year, etc, they used to hire a local group that only play the Merengue Tipico. Even when the Merengue Tipico only used four instruments; the Tambora Drum, Guira (or Guiro), an Accordion, and the old Marimba which looks like a box but made out of wood with a small hole in the center with three metal teeth, The music had a lot of rhythm. We used to have dancing competition just to have fun and sometimes our parents gave us prices, most of the time the presents were simple but for us was important. Nowadays the Merengue Tipico has a lot more instrument but it sound almost the same and I still love it. Tambora Drum Guira (Guiro) Marimba Accordion 2. What music do you associate with adolescence? Was this music a way to fit in or rebel? Include at least one specific song/artist for this category. When I

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