Art and Culture- Critical Essays

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For Margaret Marshall Preface The pieces collected in this book appeared originally in Partisan Review, The Nation, Commentary, Arts (formerly Art Digest), Art News and The New Leader. Few reappear unaltered. Where revision has not changed the substance of what is said, I have felt free to append the date of revision; and in other, more radical cases, only the latter. rst publication alone. Where revision has a ected substance, I have in some cases given both the date of rst publication and that of been left out than put in. I would not deny being one of those critics who educate themselves in public, but I see no reason why all the haste and waste involved in my self-education should be preserved in a book. C LEMENT GREENBERG This book is not intended as a completely faithful record of my activity as a critic. Not only has much been altered, but much more has Contents Preface Culture in General Avant-Garde and Kitsch The Plight of Culture Art in Paris The Later Monet Renoir Cézanne Picasso at Seventy-Five Collage Georges Rouault Braque Marc Chagall Master Léger Jacques Lipchitz Kandinsky Soutine The School of Paris: 1946 Contribution to a Symposium Art in General “Primitive” Painting Abstract, Representational, and so forth The New Sculpture Partisan Review “Art Chronicle”: 1952 The Crisis of the Easel Picture Modernist Sculpture, Its Pictorial Past Wyndham Lewis Against Abstract Art Byzantine Parallels On the Role of Nature in Modernist Painting Art in the U nited States Thomas Eakins John Marin Winslow Homer Hans Hofmann Milton Avery David Smith “American-Type” Painting The Late Thirties in New York Literature T. S. Eliot: A Book Review A Victorian Novel Bertolt Brecht’s Poetry Kafka’s Jewishness Culture in General Avant-Garde and Kitsch One and the same civilization produces simultaneously two such di erent things as a poem by T.

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