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The world is full of astonishing surroundings that some people take for granted. If people would just take the time to take a walk and see the beauty in every step, they would realize a tremendous amount of things. These things are called buildings, sculptures, poems, trees, music, food etc. but that is just there name, to me its art. The majority of people when they hear the word art, they think about a random painting on a wall. Art isn’t just about a painting on a wall; it’s an expression or creation of someone’s emotions or something. Everyone knows that a painting, a picture taken, a poem and a sculpture is art. However no one has looked into true art, like a building. Not many people, other than architects, see the authentic meaning of a building. When I look at a building, the first thing I notice is its shape and how unique it is from another building and then I look at the height, color and what era it represents. For example, if I wanted to go see an old building, I would most likely visit England or Greece but if I wanted to see more of a modern building, I would definitely visit Manhattan or Miami. The main thing that runs through my head when looking at a building that amazes me is, not only wow but I see the vision that the architect was trying to bring across. Another aspect and necessity of life that I believe is art is food. Food from the snacks of a vending machine to a sixteen dollar dessert is art. The time, thought and effort a chef and baker put in to make the perfect meal, dessert, cake or snack is priceless. The thing that makes you put the dollar in the vending machine or hand over your visa to pay for the meal is the way the food is represented that gets it drawn to you. Not many people take into consideration on every detail a chef and baker puts in to make it just perfect and wouldn’t you say that when someone makes a painting they

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