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| Instructor PoliciesHUM 186 | Media Influences on American CultureCampus/Learning Center(s): East El Paso/Santa Teresa | Facilitator Information Steven (University of Phoenix) (personal)915-274-7476 (MST)Facilitator Bio. Steven R. Silver has been a professional fundraiser for the not-for-profit industry for over twenty years. President of Philanthropic Services of the Southwest based in El Paso, Texas from 1996 to the present time, Steven has been responsible for managing nearly fifty different development programs facilitating small to medium size campaigns totaling over $40,000,000 in the El Paso metropolitan area. He has personally raised over $25,000,000 in El Paso which is regarded as one of the poorest areas in the nation. Previously he was with the Texas Division of the American Cancer Society for two years, and prior to that was for twelve years an Executive Director at Jewish Community Centers in Syracuse, New York and El Paso, Texas. Since 1997 he has been a member of the faculty of the University of Phoenix, and recipient of the University’s Director’s Award for 2002-3. He served as Lead Faculty/Area Chair for Communication 2010-2012. Steven was designated a Certified Advanced Facilitator in June 2011.Currently he serves on the City of El Paso’s Animal Welfare Advisory Board, was immediate past chair of the Quality of Life Cabinet of the Mayor’s Lyceum. In the past he has been the chairperson of the Charitable Solicitations Commission for the City of El Paso, and also was chairman of the board of the Hospice of El Paso. Steven served on the Boards of the El Paso Humane Society, as well as the El Paso Animal Shelter Advisory Board, The El Paso, Hospice of Central New York; United Way of Central New York; United Way of El Paso; Ballet of the Americas; and the Tenth Pan American Games.He

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