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Reflection Paper Tamika Mallard Irene Albalat ART/125 November 30, 2011 University of Phoenix A bowl of fruit, a naked lady or a famous sculpture is all examples of some type of “Art”. Art can be interpreted in many different ways. As we learn more about the history of Art from past years up to the modern times we have discovered how much art has changed or what people consider being Art. Art is a deliberate process of arranging colors or items that reach out or stir up an emotion in people who look at it. It may be dancing, music, paintings, photography that touches someone in a way that it can influence them. Any object can be a work of art depending on its intentions (Wikipedia, 2011). For example, what we call souvenirs like shot glasses or mugs. They are never used but they are collected from all over and put on display for everyone to see. Now someone may feel it is a work of art because of what each one stands for whereas; another person can look at it as just clutter that should be put away. Art can relate to a person’s background experience, family culture or just an emotion that overcomes someone when they see a thing. It can be a painting that reminds them of something from their past or a sculpture that gives them a sense of peace to look at. No matter what the reason I really believe “Art” is in the eye of the beholder. There are many times I see the same thing someone else sees and we see it in two significantly different ways. I might think it has absolutely no meaning whereas the other person can think it is just a treasure to find. That is why the statement “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder fits the thesis of this paper. Maybe when a person is calling something art, but the other doesn’t think it is they should just not say anything at all. Some people take it very serious and can get easily offended. Some people grew up in

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