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The elements of design are techniques used by the artist when creating art. ELEMENTS of DESIGN – The artist’s “tools” • Line – defines boundaries and edges • Shape (2-D) and Mass (3-D) • SPACE (through linear perspective) • Value (relative lightness and darkness) • Color - Hue Chapter 4 ________ LINE !"#$%"&%'#$%'(%)*$%+"&,-.%$.$/$#)&%)*-)%/-0$%,1 -#%-2)"&)3&%4)''.%5'678 LINE (def.) = the path left by a moving point. Lines can be: 1.Actual, Implied, or Shared edge 2.Geometric (or) Organic a. actual (solid) lines b. implied lines (created in various ways), c. & d. lines created by shared edges Outline: A line that delineates an outside edge(2-D) Keith Haring uses outline to create deceptively simple designs Implied Line (def.) A line created by a movement or direction such as the line created by a pointing finger, direction of a glance, movement of an object, etc. Alexander Calder Shared edges !"#$%&'()%*&+ !"#$%'(%9":*)%;%$%*&,(-./-('%0&1-(-.&(2%&3&04,(&5& 6%-%/*4,(78,,9"#-%:*(;(?@?AB?@?CD Contour Lines =lines that follow the surface and define the volume of an object Cross Contour = contour lines that move repeatedly across the surface of objects to define the volume of the form Gradient Contour > Cross Contour >>> One set of parallel lines used to create value = hatching One or more sets used together = crosshatching A drawing by Artist: Michelangelo showing skilled use of hatched and cross-hatched lines Lines closer together build “darks” Lines further apart maintain “lights Title: Head of a Satyr Date: c. 1620-1630 !"#$%?CMND(((((((((>6.&(#/%*-%*H(%,(F/,&'(:*(/*(O#%1(P:&"(F5():0'(Q50:*D L(R%*H(I/0'/*/#/$9,(%,(G/1%*H(/("%$%-/05('&G&/-J((S/-.&0(-./*(/$$:3(.%,(&*&"%&,(-:(-/T&(.%,(3&/$-.(/*'

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