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Art 100 Research Paper Art is a part of our everyday life, and many of us may not even realize it. Art can exist in a photograph or painting on a wall in an office or in a building you drive by every day. Art can even be hanging on the walls of your own home. Photographs are considered art and some buildings are architecturally designed for your visual pleasure. Many of us don’t even know it, but art is all around us and it has been here for several thousand years. The “Chauvet” cave paintings discovered in 1994 were created in 30,000 B.C.E. It is the oldest known painting and it was created during the Paleolithic Period or early “stone age” (Getlein 4). The earliest known architectural art is the “Stonehenge” in England created during…show more content…
To some people this was a dark period, but to others it was a fascinating period worthy of study (Getlein). This was a time of extreme religious involvement and remarkable achievement. A magnificent Palace Chapel was built for Emperor Charlemagne seen here in figure 1.1. This is a picture of the outside of the chapel and the ceiling of the chapel. The Chapel of Charlemagne is considered a masterpiece of Carolingian architecture and is the best know surviving example of a Palatine Chapel. Figure 1.1 Palatine Chapel in the cathedral at Aachen, Ger. The central portion of the structure was built by Charlemagne, and the other sections were built later.
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The Middle Ages art and architecture was divided into two periods Romanesque and Gothic. Building rooms such as the Abbey Church of Sainte-foy in France marked the Romanesque period shown here in figure 1.2. The round arches of the windows are continued on the inside of the church. It also has beautiful arches and high vaulted ceilings. Popular designs for the Romanesque period were massiveness, thick stone walls, round arches, and barrel-vaulted stone ceilings (Getlein 386).

Figure 1.2 exterior Figure 1.2
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(figure 1.3). The mismatched corner towers were one of the first things people noticed about this cathedral. The sculptures built into this cathedral were created to embellish architecture. (figure 1.4). They were built in the entryways as a kind of welcoming committee. Figure 1.3 Figure 1.4

The Renaissance Era was between the years of 1400-1600 and brought about a new appreciation for artists. They became known as talented individuals who were honored and famous. The word Renaissance means rebirth and the Renaissance was known as a time when the concept of “Art” arose (Getlein 393). The art of Renaissance Era was also dedicated to religion. One of the great architectural works of the Renaissance Era wan Saint Andrea designed by Leon Battista Alberti in 1472, shown here in figure 1.5. Figure 1.5 exterior Figure 1.5

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