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ART HISTORY FINAL Art History Final Marshall Mathers Allied American University This paper was prepared for ART 100: Introduction to Art History, Art History Final taught by Professor Thomson. Final Project – Submission The Final Project is due this week with your Module 8 Homework Assignment. Please upload a second document entitled “Final Project” with your Module 8 Homework Assignment. Choose one of the following artworks or artists for your Final Report. Your report must completely answer the four questions posed to guide your research. Write in complete sentences and utilize APA guidelines. You will need to use the LIRN library and the Internet to find enough information and, therefore, you will need to cite your sources on a final page labeled “References.”…show more content…
He/his pupils painted images in their cells/rooms that replicated the shape of the windows and generally displayed images of the virgin and child along with images of angels along with those of jesus on the cross and also the transfiguration (these images were primarily from the New Testament but also featured Dominican reformers and saints). Comparing Angelico to another artist: Fra Angelico and Hugo van der Goes both incorporated religion into their art work. Although they were both influenced by their religious beliefs, their depictions were rather different. Fra Angelico’s artworks were focused more on Jesus and his mother, Mary while Hugo van der Goes’ artworks depicted various biblical characters. Apart from the images at St Marco, he also painted altarpieces in the transitional styles between gothic and the emerging renaissance. When he went to the Vatican, he was charged with painting the lives of the saints in a small chapel (although much of this work was done by
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