Arrogance Of Power In The United States

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Arrogance of Power Arrogance is a feeling of self-importance and offensive display of superiority. Arrogance of power is worst than anything. The united nations of America is definitely has a disability and affected by this affliction. America has long been known as the super power but now the discrepancy between power and the powers of other countries is increasing. Too much influence of America in the internal and external affairs of other countries has created a bad reputation of nation. America is now called a threat and not an ally. The interference of the UN in South Vietnam and to help them in a war against North Vietnam aggression has resulted in nothing. It is not because the deficiency of powers but because of the unreliable attitude of America. The super power wants to create stability in small and undeveloped Asian nations but do they have the time to think about the ways they are incorporating to set up their aim. There is chaos all over the place and one cannot create peace in one or two-year and it is nearly impossible with a war like…show more content…
The America is the largest consumer of energy resources like oil and natural gas but not the producer. The power show by America will not last for long if they continue to waste resources in the same way. Instead of cold war, the politicians should work on improving relationships with Russia, china and other countries. The meaning of democracy and freedom must be justified. Democracy is not achieved by any war rather it is achieved by the people of the nation with their determination and will to live in democratic ambience. The UN has to overcome the dangers of arrogance of power as it is the cause of disturbance of the integrity of the nation. Surely after that America will not be able to showcase its influence but it will receive a reward that is for the people of the globe– peace and
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