Arroceros Forest Park Essay

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I. Introduction Executive Summary The Arroceros Forest Park is a 2.1 hectare forest park home to more than 3,500 trees, some bird species, and a variety of insects and butterflies. As it is the only forest park in Manila, it gained the title “Manila’s Last Lung,” that at least purifies the air surrounding the polluted city. Arroceros Forest Park goes from a long history and was one of the centers of controversies since its foundation. Today, there stood the Manila Schools Divisions and Arroceros Forest Park lost its past grandeur. The park is ever hardly visited by tourist aside the students from nearby schools who uses the grounds to hold practices for school performances. As a tourist attraction, the Arroceos Forest Park has a great potential. Its tag alone as being the only forest of the city has the potential to attract many tourists. The development of this as a tourist attraction will benefit the people giving profits to the local community from the tourist arrivals and the most important of all is that it will create a healthy environment by decreasing the pollution around the city. In today’s era of global warming and climate change, we cannot say enough about the importance of having trees. Aside from aesthetic purposes, trees clean the very air we breathe, serving as a carbon sink in the much-polluted city of Manila. It can also serve as an educational site because of the different trees and birds that can be observed in the area. In addition, it can be a more accessible area for camping instead of going on far provinces to camp. If careful development will be made it surely would be promising as a natural attraction and an ecotourism site. The purpose of this study is to develop a possible development plan for Arroceros Forest Park. So that it will not be forgotten, and won’t die in the future, a thorough study is needed to maintain and possibly

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