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Arresting Officer: First to get interview by Prosecution Prosecution: How long have you been a police officer? Arresting Officer: 16 years Prosecution: How many times have you testify in similar cases? Arresting Officer: I have testified over 500 cases in the past 6 years as a police officer. Prosecution: How many times have you ever seen riots or protests in the past? Arresting Officer: to many to count but I know it has been a few hundreds. Prosecution: Do you recall the Officer Claros why is it you felt the need to arrest Andy Activist on the morning of June 21st? Arresting Officer: Yes, I arrested Mr. Activist due to the defendant’s sign, which was placed on public property and displayed a Swastika. Mr. Activist was in violation of the Perfect State Legislative Code 123.4 Prosecution: Was there other events in which led to the arrest of Mr. Activist? Arresting Officer: Yes, prior to me arresting the individual I ask Mr. Activist numerous times to get rid of the sign. However, Mr. Activist decline and called me a pig! Prosecution: How did you feel after the named calling? Arresting officer: was a little bother, but I acted professional and told him to get rid of that sign. Prosecution: What did the sign have that made it offensive? Arresting Officer: The sign had a Swastika on it, it is meant to arose anger. Prosecution: When would you ever see a Nazi Swastika? Arresting Officer: It is a commonly displayed symbol of white supremacists. Prosecution: Do you have anything against white people? Arresting Officer: Not at all my partner of 12 years is white. Prosecution: Besides the sign how was Mr. Activist acting different in comparison to the rest of the public? Arresting Officer: Mr. Activist was boisterous, and rallying the people to get aggressive with their messages. Prosecution: Under the code in which you

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