Arranged Marriages Essay

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ARRANGED MARRIAGES 2 Abstract In this paper, I will discuss the pros and cons of arranges marriages. Arranged marriages are very popular in the Middle East and are marriages where two people are set up by a third party. This third party is usually the couple’s family or a trusted friend. Arranged marriages start off differently than the love marriages found in America. They are set up based on how well the families fit together or on how compatible the boy and girl seem to be. I will also write about the major problems found in many arranged marriages today. Many believe that arranged marriages are another form or domestic violence or go against human rights. There have been many horrible stories of honor killings and abuse involved with these marriages. They are favored because they are tradition and provide a stable family. They are also hated by many who oppose the allowance of what they feel is an atrocious religious practice. ARRANGED MARRIAGES 3 Arranged Marriages Arranged Marriages are very common in many parts on the world. About sixty percent of marriages in the world are arranged (Bashir, 2009). These are usually set up by the parents or a trusted family member of the bride and groom. Many factors are considered such as religion, culture, reputation, and wealth. These marriages are most common in India, Africa, and many Asian countries. Although there are many upsides to arranging marriages, there are many downsides to it also. Arranged marriages have many positives. The divorce rates among arranged marriages are much lower than the love marriages that are found mostly in America. Arranged marriages are set up by a person’s parents when they are typically very young. Some girls may even be promised to a family when they are first born. One of the many pros to an arranged marriage is the family approval on both sides. Before the

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