Around the World in 80 Days Essay

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Around the World in Eighty Days Recently, I have read a book called Around the World in Eighty Days which was written by Jules Verne .it is a novel about the adventures of Phileas Fogg and his servant Passerpartout. Phileas Fogg lives in Saville Street with his servant regularly. He is a quiet inflexible man . He always lives a simple life until that day . One day ,as usual, Phileas Fogg plays with some friends in the refirm club, at this moment , he reads in a newspaper that it is possible to travel around the world in eighty days. No one believes this is true, except Phileas. To prove that he is right , Phileas bets them that he could make the journey in eighty or under days, or he will paid them 20 thousand pounds .Immediately ,this news spread and all British know it . it is so unbelievable that everyone think he is crazy . And he immediately leaves along with his servant passespartout who is a honest fellow,with a good round head . The thing Jules Verne concentrates most on during Around the World in Eighty Days is how precise Phileas Fogg is . During this long journey , they have went through a large amount of difficulties . Mr. Fogg not only travel around the world , but also do many things to help others and appreciate cultures and views along the way . He even has been mistaken for a thief , so that a spy chase him and prevent him from doing anything though he fails . Finally , Phileas Fogg get to the destination but he is late . The next day he find that he win his bet a day in advance . According to the book ,I do believe that nothing is impossible , but we should prepare well for the possible things . Today, with the technology we have, we can physically travel around the world in about a day. But also today, we have the power to travel around the world in about eight seconds with computers . when we have a strong determination to do anything . We

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